Can I buy stomach medicine at a convenience store?What types can I buy?


Recently, medicines are now sold at convenience stores.
However, of course, there is no assortment like pharmacies and drugstores,
There are no pharmacists in the convenience store, so it is limited.

Then, can I buy stomach medicine at a convenience store?


Stomach medicine that can be purchased at convenience stores

There is a place where the stomach medicine is sold also in the convenience store.
However, because the sales space is also small, the assortment is naturally limited.

It seems that some stores do not sell.

As for the type of stomach medicine which can be purchased,
Daeour acid, solmac, cavezine, Taisho Chinese gastrointestinal medicine
There seem to be a lot of places where the stomach medicine which is famous of the sale is sold also in the pharmacy.

In addition, it is the one of the liquid type that it is popular in the convenience store.
Rather than stomach medicine, it seems that there are many people who drink it as a hangover measure.


Stomach medicine that cannot be purchased at a convenience store

There are no pharmacists in convenience stores, so there are a limited number of drugs available to sell.

Basically, you can buy it at a convenience store.
"Designated Medical Extracurricular Goods"
It comes to.

Therefore, stomach drugs that are considered relatively effective are usually not sold.
It is the sale only of the one that the side effect is few and the effect is gentle.

Stomach medicine at convenience stores will be a temporary one to the end.
It is a good idea to use it when the pharmacy or the hospital is not open by all means.

However, it is still a good point to be able to purchase even in the middle of the night.

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